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What is Groupme?

We support Collectives by taking away most of the time-consuming activities like maintaining supplier relationships and product pricing.

What is the official business name?

We are currently trading as Groupme Limited, and our office is located at 120a Maskell Street, St Heliers, New Zealand.

Who can I contact for more information?

In the first instance, please contact our Managing Director, Richard Lees:

What goods or services does Groupme provide?

Groupme does not sell goods but our software is a service which enables Collectives around New Zealand to be connected with suppliers. Collectives purchase through Groupme and Groupme arranges all payments with suppliers.

Where is Groupme located?

We are a New Zealand owned and operated business with an office in Auckland.

What is the returns/refunds policy?

We work with Collectives and suppliers to get products refunded where they have been damaged or spoiled or if they did not get delivered. However refund policies vary for each supplier.

The Groupme system allows live refunds to be managed for individual Collective members and the Groupme team will arrange credit with suppliers. Generally goods are not returned to a supplier but if this is required then we will work with Collectives in these situations.

What are the delivery timeframes?

Orders are usually opened and closed within one week, and delivered by suppliers on a designated day during the next week.

Does Groupme import or export goods?

No we do not import or export any products.

Does Groupme bill customers on a subscription basis?

No, customers pay in an online checkout page. Their card details are not retained, and we do not charge customers for anything after their checkout has been completed. However we may need to issue refunds to customer accounts and this is done via a third-party online payment provider, Windcave (formerly known as Payment Express).

Will my credit card details be retained by Groupme?

No. All online payments are made through a third payment provider, Windcave (formerly known as Payment Express). We do not store any card information and our website runs over a secure HTTPS connection to protect data in transit.

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