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Groupme is passionate about providing a better way to buy through Collective action. We support the Collectives and their awesome Admin members, to organise, coordinate and grow great Collectives the easy way. How? Our clever technology connects members, saves time and takes care of the Collective admin. Meanwhile, the Groupme team is busy sourcing the best local and ethical suppliers of fresh seasonal produce and quality pantry staples at amazing Collective prices. We do the mahi to seek out those hidden gems that you can’t always find in the grocery store.

Helping grass roots producers grow

Do you produce your own honey? Make your own cheese? Jar your own pickles? Groupme gives you a platform to sell quality artisan products direct to your local community by connecting you to Collectives operating in your local area. It’s a neighbourhood market hub made easy.

Community comments



Groupme has made ordering really easy for our Collective. The system is flexible and can support Collectives that work in different ways. Support and communication is fast and personal.

Frank McColl

Petone Food Buying Group


I am convinced that Collectives are the way the world is supposed to work; good food, ethical producers, low cost, and local! Groupme believes in the Collective approach, and is empowering the headstrong community heroes behind them with the systems they need to remain viable and strong, well into the future. I am excited to see Collectives become mainstream community hubs where food is but one element of the community Groupme helps support.

Malcolm Rands

ecostore Founder & Collectives Enthusiast


As a supplier, working with Collectives gets to the heart of our values around local food distribution – we’re able to get the freshest veggies possible to our community. Dealing directly with our customer base using software that makes the process so simple and takes the headache out of multiple transactions with individuals.

Racheal Yeats

Six Toed Fox Organics

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